Intrigue for People Wanting to Bring to Justice 9/11 Enablers

The conditions that made possible the easy simultaneous hijackings of four U.S. airliners, the brutal deaths of 3,000 people, and the nation's involvement in two bloody wars are still totally unknown to the American people. Until sufficient Americans exercise their responsibility to be informed, the decades of increasing harm will continue.

This writer, and his group consisting of dozens of former intelligence, law enforcement and other insiders have been providing facts and evidence in the form of radio and TV appearances, not-for-profit documentary books, and Internet postings. And during this time, the problems being revealed continue to surface in tragic, deadly, and catastrophic ripple effects. Still, no reactions from the uninformed, unread, indifferent, and trivia-obsessed American.

IF a sufficient number of vocal people had reacted, it is probable that many of the tragedies suffered by Americans (and others) would not have happened. This posting is limited to the arrogance corrupt and criminal activities of specific people, and groups, that made possible the hijackings and horrific consequences.

Hard facts, and sufficient evidence, is available to reveal the following material matters concerning 9/11, as available in no other location:

Sampling of sources where facts and evidence of the above can be found:

The not-for-profit books written by an aviation safety expert and professional Rodney Stich with massive input from dozens of former intelligence and law enforcement personnel, and other insiders:

These and other related not-for-profit documentary books on corruption in government (and elsewhere) are available in print and e-book formats (including the Kindle) from and other Internet sources in the United States, Canada, Britain, and Australia.

Expectation of Response to This Information:

Based upon the reaction of the American public to several decades of providing insider information on the mutating corruption and dire consequences, provided by dozens of former personnel in the intelligence, law enforcement and government safety agencies, the expected reaction is nil.

An article in The Nation magazine (November 29, 2010) by Benjamin R. Barber, titled "America's Knowledge Deficit," described the pathetic lack of knowledge on factual matters by most Americans. The article related to politics, but would apply even more so to the people's lack of knowledge of corruption in government and the tragic effects upon the lives of people. The article lamented the lack of facts by people making ridiculous statements; the public's lack of interests in looking at the facts; the substitution of opinions and bias for facts; the ridiculous conspiracy theories that rely upon a dumbed-down public, such as abound with 9/11; the substitution of opinions and political pundits making wild statements for the energy requirement of reading; the prevalence of bizarre statements by political pundits, politicians, and government spinners, accepted as fact by much of the population that is too lazy to examine the facts;

A small section of the article stated:

... voters know more about football than political issues and, with their minds made up, can't be "bothered with the facts."  ... "Facts, science, truth seem to be significantly absent from what we call our political dialogue." We already know too many Americans know rather too little. A recent Pew survey confirmed that the religious are often "profoundly ignorant about religion" and worldly matters!]

Writings Made Possible by Protecting and
Remaining Ignorant of Enablers of Great Tragedies

One result of the decades of media and others dumbing down a willing public is that there is not shortage of national tragedies to write about. Their detail can be found at the list of books made possible by dozens of former government insiders.

Another more concise source for understanding the general nature of the systemic corruption in key government entities, and the catastrophic consequences, can be found at: